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7 Golden Tips by Well-Traveled Gentlemen: How to Organize Your Dopp Bag Like a Pro

Mar 19 2016 0 Comments

Now that I had given you the pretty extensive list of essentials and optionals to consider carrying with you in your dopp kit on your next travel adventure, it's time to discuss organization. I hear you saying, no way everything I want to have in me will fit in my travel toiletry bag. Trust me, it will! All you need is the right size dopp kit and some organizational tips. Keep reading below for the seven tips, gathered from some very well-travelled gentlemen. TIP 1: BUY ANYTHING YOU CAN IN TRAVEL SIZES. There are options upon options of travel sized essentials in every pharmacy, retailer, grocery store....

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How to Pack Your Dopp Kit - The Essentials, The Optionals, The Indispensables (Free Checklist!)

Mar 16 2016 0 Comments

As we like to say, a dopp kit should fit your lifestyle rather than force you to fit in it. The key is to taylor its contents to what you need and use on daily basis, taking under account the duration of your travel, the type of your travel (air, car, camping, etc.), and some emergencies that may happen during that travel. Your dopp kit should be there for you just like your best man would – always at your disposal and always ready to save you from whatever life brings your way. That being said, you shouldn't pack more...

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