How to Wear a Patterned Jacket …Without Looking Like Prince Charles

Oct 11 2012 0 Comments Tags: Style + Advice + Trends

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There is not better time for the come back of the patterned jacket. Patterns are a huge trend in men’s fashion for fall 2012. The runways have been dictating that guys across the globe don patterns instead of traditionally-favored solid colors we see most often on men.

And the trend isn’t just cropping up in t-shirts, trousers, and ties – it’s extending to one of men’s fashions most unchanging and conservative of items, the suit jacket.

While those who only tend to go as far ‘out there’ as a seersucker jacket might feel hesitant to jump on this revolutionary men’s trend, we have a feeling that the vast majority of our fashion-rebel Sivani guys will definitely be up to the task of creating this funky, yet refined, look.

Here is how to rock the patterned jacket without looking like Prince Charles:

1. Pair it with a t-shirt. Common advice from the Sivani style blog, but good advice! A simple solid-color tee will offset the formality and decadence of a patterned jacket. This look will leave you giving off laidback and urbane vibes at the same time.

2. Wear a patterned jacket with a patterned tie. The more daring among you will find this pairing intriguing, visually interesting, and worth trying. There are no rules here, other than perhaps to recognize while self-styling that clashing patterns are the order of the day.

3. Do it with bright denim. And, for the most ground-breaking, we recommend trend on top of trend. Literally. Get back to color wheel basics and wear a burnt orange trouser with a patterned navy blue jacket. You get the idea. Happy non-old-English-royal wearing of this awesome men’s item!

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