Dopp Kits

Here at Sivani Designs, we recognize the importance of finding a dopp kit that meets the demands of your unique lifestyle. Are you someone who travels lightly, or the kind of person who’d take their entire closet with them on vacation if they had the option? Do you travel often? If so, is it typically for work or play? Are you looking for a unique gift for someone, or do you simply want a high-performance bag to help you stay more organized?

Whatever your lifestyle demands, we have the perfect Dopp Kit for you. Choose your own adventure with compact, expandable and personalized options. We even have matching sets for those who want more structure in their life, as well as smaller zipper pouches to add even more organization to our Dopp Kits. Whether you're a well-traveled explorer or someone who simply wants some storage space for your favorite belongings, we guarantee our heirloom-quality Dopp Kits will help you find some sense of order in a chaotic world.

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